Learn to Love Your Emotions

To Love your emotions is to Love the Deepest Depths of The Inner You. Without emotions, what would we be. Lost souls living a Robotic Life. Emotions can take you to the highest of places or plummet you hurtling towards a low you may have never experienced before...and one you were never taught about growing up. 

To Learn to love these emotions as part of a normal healthy life is a great way to open yourself up to a better understanding of life itself and also within this begin to create a much more balanced life too for yourself and those around you. 

Emotions we cannot control, and indeed why would we want to, when these are a massive part of healthy living. Rather than control we need to understand in greater depth gaining balance from this and in turn have fewer and fewer highs and lows.

The question of course arises from these few thoughts, "Where and how do I even begin". We are all different with different backgrounds, different stories, different hurts...still waiting to be healed. So we have to create that starting point from within, maybe even taking a long long look at ourselves first. 

How much of that hurt have we multiplied just by hanging on to some silly little thing that was said to us. Turn those points in life around. Don't take it onboard for hours, days, or sometimes even weeks. Let it fall away from you and back to where it came from. Let those that said it continue to carry it around...for that is exactly what is blocking their growth, their expansion, and their lives.

 Learn to block these words from even entering your thoughts. I use S.T.O.P as an easy way to remember and it works as the first line of defence. Let this be your invisible defence against those thoughtless words. 

Send To Other Person

All the while we must remember we are not hating the person. We are hating their choice of words and actions. We must remember this above all else to be true to what we are trying to seek. Many, many times they are acting as they have been brought up or treated themselves. We cannot allow ourselves to judge as we would not wish to be judged either. 

Once you can build this into your daily routine you can begin to free up space and restore a balance between those emotional highs and lows. Create a place in your mind where you deserve to be, and should have always been, were it not for the thoughtless words and actions thrown at you. You may have been down but don't allow yourself to be kept down for no reason at all. 

Only if you've read this far will you read the words. 

Make This Moment The Moment You Change. 

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