Self Completion - Why not to seek it!

Having read quite a lot on the topic of Self Completion I always new and felt that there was something not quite right in the whole thought of it. Many many things I learned were great pointers in all areas of life but I still felt there was something more and something even more simple too. 

Eventually after going over things again and again it hit me...The whole idea of Self Completion itself was wrong. While that Journey in itself has great learnings and potential for growth...the actual answer was Not to Self Complete. Completion is an end to something. To achieve that in life growth is a negative. Forever learning is a positive. 

Those few thoughts stay with me daily now and allow me to be so much more open and aware of all that is going on around me. Other people can be having a bad day when they pass you by. We cannot judge their whole existence on those few seconds as they walk by in the street...but yet, how many times have we done just that. 

We can often give sympathy without the true knowledge of empathy. Empathy is to truly care and want to share and help with another's troubles. Just allowing yourself to be more open and aware on a daily basis is true growth within yourself. A growth that should never end with that "Self completion". To want to be a slightly better person day by day is worth getting up for in itself. 

This is a different journey than the struggle to self complete. This journey has goals, targets and final achievements that are all fluid. Not one is set in stone but continually moving to allow never ending growth. Why would you want to stop learning about yourself, to feel you knew everything there is to know, to having nothing more to excite you about your life in that very moment or the times that lay ahead. 

For me all the simple things in life trigger so much in my mind. The Moors where I live. The Coastline and Sea. The Forests and Woodlands. Every day is so new and fresh and has so much to give. It would be such a waste not to accept all of this with arms wide open. 

The daily care of Mind, Body and Soul allows all of this to enter your whole being. Nothing needs to be or should be complicated. Simplicity itself in life is something we need so much more of. Allow this to become you and you will become stronger with that deeper understanding and knowledge of yourself. 

Totally free yourself from those thoughts that in life you have to Self complete to be a Success.

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