Statues in Doorways


Statues in Doorways


When we walk the streets of any town,

We see the statues on the ground.


We glance a while then look away,

Having no comforting words to say.


Yet if that statue cost a million pounds,

Then our vocabulary knows no bounds.


How can we ever let this be today,

To say these statues are just in the way.


They are a creation of our blinded society,

But we can change that and not let it be.


They are one of in the same,

They have a heart...they have a name.


A motionless reflection of what may have been,

One wrong turn and there you or I could be seen


So be careful with what you say or do,

For next time round they could be passing you.


Then you will realise how they must have been,

A statue looked at but never seen.





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