Living a Neurodivergent Life by Marcel Van Heijzen

We are so so lucky to have Marcel onboard with us. He has so much to offer  and gives a unique insight into different ways the mind works and how we can adapt around those differences to cope in our daily live. Below is just one of his quite unique books. You can purchase this here 

Living a Neurodivergent Life by Marcel Van Heijzen

Marcel also writes regular blogs, which you can sign up to, and also offers FREE One to One Mentoring covering several areas of Life and all it can throw at you.

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From Marcel,

When I got told I had autism, I studied the subject and related disorders to create a book that could be useful to others with similar issues. This book deals with how I led a life without knowing I had this issue. It shows the moments of loneliness and how writing got me through moments of despair.

Life is full of challenges, and when phased with something people refer to as a disorder, it is essential to establish what this means. Accepting such a condition and living with the label is - in my view - a way of giving up on a satisfactory way of going through our lives.

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