This Path I walk

This path I walk, I walk alone,
Many life skills still to hone.
For this path that has no end,
If something fails just press resend.
Many failures created just from trying,
Taken as learnings despite the crying.
To wake each morn and start afresh,
Daring to hope life will start to mesh.
More ups and downs all day long,
Sick of the words to the same old song.
Looking daily at others all around,
Seeming to walk on solid ground.
But for them, I cannot see inside,
On their path, maybe they too need a guide.
Look at yourself as you've looked at others,
All sons, fathers, daughters or mothers.
For each day no matter where they stand,
Times come when they need someone to hold a hand.
Be that person throughout everything you do,
Give from your heart and set free the inner you.
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