Napuve - The ever evolving journey

The Journey through life is so so understand yourself and why and where you are going (although not all of the time) is the very core of just being. Creating Napuve is no different. The first seeds were sown around 2020 and there have been lots of ups and downs since then with a long period of just standing still, business wise, when daily life took priority.

Now we are ready to put lots more time, thought and effort into Napuve. But we are still very much aware of the journey. A journey which we would love to share with one and all as it is a massive part of the ethos on which Napuve is being built around.

Sharing this journey is just another part of growth, both personally and in the business. One which we have no fears about sharing as within that sharing there can be so much to gain. Not just for us, but anyone who finds us and hopefully falls in love with what we are trying to create.

Of course, we want customers, but we also want to help people. That is deeply ingrained within us. That will also be a may factor whilst on this journey. 

For now, we are just building, and it is there for all to see. The ups and downs, the tears and laughter, the successes and the failures (LEARNINGS). Nothing hidden. To actually be at that stage in life where you are not afraid to put it all out there is a great place to be. Let others see it all and hopefully they can take something from it to help them along their journey too.

For now...we will just keep creating and listening to all around us.

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