About Us

Born and raised on The North Yorkshire Moors. Growing up, and still today, I couldn't understand why lots of people would say "It's in the middle of nowhere"...to me it was "The middle of everywhere". After leaving school with average grades I have run my own businesses since the age of 18. 
For quite a lot of that time I built Dry Stone Walls and Fences on and around The Moors. Then after moving to Southern Ireland in 1996 I became involved in growing Christmas Trees. That was a fantastic experience too. We returned to England in 2001, which was the year Foot and Mouth Hit. This had a massive affect on getting back working Dry Stone Walling and Fencing, with all the movement restrictions imposed.
Eventually things returned to normal and work resumed . But then in 2006 I suffered back problems and was off work for 3 years, a very very long 3 years.
In the midst of those 3 years an operation and plenty of rest eventually put me right.
During that time my outlook on life changed a lot and I became more aware of just myself, who I really am, and my journey in life. Something the pain had taken from me came back even stronger.
Also when Covid arrived and once again life changed dramatically I took some of that time to gain Diplomas in both Life Coaching/Mentoring and Child Psychology.
Then the opportunity to take over running Just a Soap came along and we grabbed that and now we are just setting up Napuve...so always lots going on.
I have 2 sons. George runs his own business Exquisite Luxury. I work with him during the week. Zylen lives in Cape Verde and works with us remotely on Just a Soap and Napuve.  
I'd have to write a book if I filled in all those gaps...and maybe one day I will!