Mindfulness - Recreating You

Mindfulness is not  "One Size Fits All". If it were that simple there wouldn't be anyone on the planet still seeking direction in life. We are all so so different and the only person who has any chance of really getting inside your mind to unlock those chains and allow you all the freedom in life you deserve is YOU!

Mindfulness is a creation...a creation from within you. We can gain so much from reading and as we go about our daily lives...but only you and your most deepest inner thoughts can put all of that into action. You are where it all begins. By taking in all around you, processing it and using it to become more aware of what you need, and don't need in life, you can then learn to be more mindful of yourself and those close around you. 

How you act and react in your daily life to other people and situations that arise has great bearing on your whole day. Learning to remove these thoughts is a great first step. This frees up lots of mind space...mind space you can fill with much happier and calming thoughts. 

For me this is not a 10 minute fix when you rise in the morning and just before you retire to bed at night. It is, and should be, an all day long caring for yourself. Then it all becomes second nature to you, your body, and your soul...all from within. Then this becomes your norm. Every single day becomes more and more exciting through this, building and building that inner awareness of yourself and all that is around you.

None of this can be forced. You can only gain from this when it fits you. There is no on and off switch here. When you feel those moments within then take that time to really soak it all in. Make notes of the experience for the future. Referring back to these over time helps to strengthen the whole feel and growth you are experiencing.

The starting point lies entirely with you. Slowly remove what you do not need in your life and fill it with lots and lots of little, amazing and warm experiences throughout your whole day.

Slowly learn to love the inner you entirely and then your outer will look after itself. 

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