Life and ever changing directions

Since my opening blog I have been working on adding products to the website and just tweaking things here and there. But while doing this the draw towards wanting to help others has grown stronger and stronger. With that in my I have decided that this blog section at least will be geared towards that goal while Napuve grows at it's own pace. 

I am not a materialistic person, but of course like any one else of a similar view, still need that little bit of income to live in this ever increasing costly world. Many things we buy give us that temporary buzz and feeling good vibe...only to be cast aside a week later...because something "better" came along. If only we could change that mindset and be happy with less and remove that constant wanting for more.

Napuve started out by selling soaps and we are adding more products daily in between several other projects. But all along, we keep on the dreams of making massive amounts of money. The buzz we get from just creating and the great feelings we get from helping others is all we need now and always. 

We do not work...because we love what we can that ever be work. 

With all these thoughts in mind Napuve is going to Naturally drift more towards all those areas in life where we can help others. I am spiritualistic and through that my own personal goal is just to help others. Hopefully whatever products we sell here will give us that little extra towards that goal.

We love feedback...that helps us grow too. But, also, anyone who just wants to message and chat would get a reply too. We would love to build a little, happy caring community. If we gained more friends than customers...then we would call that an amazing success.

This will all be ever evolving and we'd love to share it with anyone who wishes to join us. Creating, developing and growing together along the way. 

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