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300ml Hand & Body Wash - Raspberry & Pomegranate

300ml Hand & Body Wash - Raspberry & Pomegranate

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Raspberry & Pomegranate Hand & Body Wash is a luxurious and nourishing product that is designed to cleanse and moisturize the skin while also providing a sweet and fruity scent.

The raspberry has a sweet and fruity scent that is both refreshing and delightful. The pomegranate is a rich and tangy fragrance that is both invigorating and indulgent.

This hand and body wash lathers up easily and rinses clean, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. It is perfect for use in the shower or bath, and can be used on a daily basis to help keep the skin clean, moisturized, and refreshed.

This product is sold in a 300ml amber glass bottle.

500ml and 1L plastic refill jerry cans are available with a dispensing pump. These are all recyclable and leads to less waste.


Aqua Sodium Laureth Sulfate Sodium Chloride Glycerin Cocamidopropyl Betaine Phenoxyethanol Sodium Benzoate Parfum Citric Acid Polyquaternium-7 Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate

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