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Argan Oil (Refined)

Argan Oil (Refined)

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Argan Oil is often considered a wonder oil due to its high reputation as a hair treatment product.  However, its uses are many from adding to soap to body lotions to shampoos.

Argan oil contains high levels of Vitamin E and is rich in other fatty acids such as  oleic acid and linoleic acid making it similar to olive oil.  It will nourish your skin and moisturise you without feeling greasy.

So what can you do with Argan Oil besides putting a few drops on  your hair to condition it and make it shine?  Consider adding a few drops to your own moisturiser for your face and neck, use it to minimise stretch marks by applying directly to your skin, add it to your soaps for extra moisturising, add to a face mask, and because it's so mild and gentle you can use it for babies and children.

This Argan Oil is refined and deodorised by the pressing of the seeds of the argan iron tree.

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